L E N S  P U N K


My hope with this page is to answer questions you may have about ordering from Lens Punk.

"Lens Punk" is not your regular camera company (it's just little old me). So things are done differently than most!

Please take a few moments to read this page before placing an order.

You may or may not know, Lens Punk is a project, more than a company selling products.

So why sell stuff then? 

I started getting requests for the things I made for my own projects. So I thought why the hell not! If people keep asking, I should make some stuff for others to use too.

Each item in the shop is individually made, after the order is placed.

Most lenses take between 4-6 weeks to make, at busy times this could take a little longer.

At times, I may have a few lenses in stock and these will be sent sooner.

Once your order is made, I will update you by email, letting you know your order is ready and on its way to you.

Recent price increase.
You may have noticed the price of lenses and postage in the shop has increased recently. This is due to the materials I use to make the lenses, and the costs for shipping has also risen. I am trying to keep the cost as low as I can. However current times have seen quite a jump in price. I make little money (profit) from each lens I make. However I can't afford to sell them at a loss, so the price unfortunately had to be increased.

Please note:
The designs may change slightly between the lens you receive, and the picture shown on the website, this is due to each one being made individually using available parts/materials at the time of the order. 

If you have any questions, at any time, please send me a message.

Studio Location:
The Lens Punk studio - workspace is located in Yamanashi Japan, however I send lenses to most locations worldwide.

Refunds & returns:
If you are not satisfied with your purchase at the time, you receive it, please contact me so I can help you.

If you would like to return an unused lens for a replacement or refund, please contact me within 7 days of receiving the order to let me know you will be returning it.

Please note I can't cover return shipping costs.



The last warning!

  • Lens Punk lenses are handmade, each one may produce slightly different results.    


  • This type of experimental lens does not produce a fully sharp image.     


  • If you are looking for quality optics for your camera this is not the lens for you.     


  • If you are looking for something that can produce interesting or experimental images, this may be a lens you would enjoy.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Lens PunK

(AKA Dom)