L E N S  P U N K

(special edition)

LPK-M <br> (special edition)
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Sorry I am currently sold out of this lens, But I will make some more soon.
You can contact me, if you would like one saved for you.

A special edition LPK-M, that has a larger glass element than the previous LPK-M

A compact micro aperture lens.
  • Lens name: LPK-M

  • Mount: Leica M

  • Focal length: 28mm

  • Element type: singe glass

  • Aperture type: fixed disc

  • Focusing type: Focus-free

Image characteristics:

The center of the image is fairly sharp, however towards the edge it becomes blurred with some distortion.

Aperture options:

  • Option A 1.7mm, meter at f16
    (more edge blur than B)

  • Option B 0.8mm, meter at f32
    (more edge blur than C)

  • Option C 0.5mm, meter at f64
    (less edge blur than B)

This lens can be used with film and digital cameras with a Leica M mount.

Made to order:
This lens is made after an order is placed. Please read the ordering page before you buy.