L E N S  P U N K


"Why, do, this ?"

Cameras, lenses, gear, formats, , , the list goes on.
So many creative choices, and they're different for each of us.

Input comes from all angles social media, others expectations, comments from here and there. All of this can influence our dissensions in some way.
It may be good, bad, or even helpful, but how will we know?
That’s why its important to know our preferences.

No matter what one try's to do, at some point someone will say somthing like

“you should . . .”

“Why don't you . . .”

or even

“you're wrong”.

Especially If you go against the norms, people get confused and reactions happen.

To expect criticism in advance and take pride in the unusual approach, allows one to travel on with a smile, Then every time they say somethings wrong, that's the sign its going right.

This zine is about the few of us who do things, that many say, “That's just wrong”.

The experimental aspect of making something interesting and often unpredictable is how many of us start. But our why’s all differ in some way.