What the F#*% is lens punk?

Well It's a bit of a story, but since you asked so nicely.

It started one day, when some friends (the snobs) saw another one of my crappy DIY lens. A few jokingly comments were thrown around and one stuck.

Soon after I was labelled, "The Lens Punk".

It's probably too long ago to remember accurately when I started sticking plastic lenses and bits of glass on my cameras.

WHY? It's just what I do for fun!


I hope by making this site, you can avoid making the mistakes I did.

Better yet, avoid becoming a punk.

Before it's too late, Just forget you ever came across this "good for nothing website"..


Still here?

You're probably in too deep Now!


So what's this zine thing about?

Mostly making images & lenses, but also anything elce I happen to be thinking on.

Within the zine, I aim to write simply as I'm only introducing ideas, you can choose if to use, adapt or apply them.

My now page is a scrapbook, where I test current ideas ask questions and show bits of what I'm working on.

No dout my thoughts and prefrances will twist and change over time. But my hope is to be left with worthy art for the zine.

By working this way you're able to come along with me.


The working title and cover for issue #01

zine co


The schedule:

As mentioned above, its still twisting and changing but my hope is to have something worth printing in the near future, but without the pressure to a fixed dead line.