Updated: November 24th 2021, from Yamanashi Japan


I have often thought of myself as a minimalist or at least someone that doesn't have much stuff.

Ha-ha, this may be true with most aspects in my life, but this did no longer apply to my photography gear.

I am by no means a collector of cameras, however, over the last few years of living in Japan I've stated acquired a bunch of them, with exploring what I like to use.

Most were not in regular use anymore, Just being left in a box.

I sorted it all out into two groups:

  • Fully working good stuff
  • The broken crap no one would want.

The group of working and good gear was quite big, I actuly had very little broken bits hanging about. I guess I'd been letting go of those or using for some punk project.

I found there were only two cameras, I would find hard to part with at this time.

Leica M4-2

My Leica was a birthday gift from my parents and I enjoy shooting this camera very much still.

4x5 Box Camera

This is a wonderful vintage falling plate camera. It's not a working camera and has not been for many years. Currently it's on my workbench for a full restoration with repairs and rebuilding many parts.


What happened to the rest?

I sold or gave away everything else!

Oh, I did keep a few other bits to: 

  • One tripod
  • A light meter
  • One camera bag

And that’s about it, until . . .

After the clear out, I allowed myself to buy a new digital camera, I had my eye on the Leica CL for some time now.

I'm now playing with making a lens for it.

The following images were taken using a few different lenses I've made for my new CL, while working out what I enjoy shooting on this new setup.


L1010102 - Copy





L1010251 - Copy

L1010237 - Copy

L1010205 - Copy

L1010200 - Copy